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Craft Now Philadelphia is a local art organization here in Philadelphia. I wanted their logo to represent the quality of the works from the artists associated with Craft Now, so I worked to create a mark that was elegant and organic, yet also clean and modern.

From there, I created the concept of a yearly publication, titled “Masters of Craft” that would display the works from various members of the organization. The catalog breaks down the four major organizations affiliated with Craft Now and then goes into spreads of each of the featured artists of those groups. The images in the catalog focus on the interaction of line, color, and shape with the work of art while the type uses an unbalanced grid, pull quotes, and spot colors to accentuate the image. Additionally, a typeface was created for unique drop caps that would tie in with the logo’s aesthetic.

Additionally, stationery was created to help brand the company, followed by various products including sketchbooks, pencils, and erasers that could be given out at the many events hosted by Craft Now.


branding, layout, product design