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Pietra is a fictitious jewelry brand inspired by a series of kaleidoscopic photographs, or scanograms, I created. I wanted the overall brand to feel very clean and geometric like a gemstone and kaleidoscope while keeping a very minimal color palette to allow the colors and designs of the photography to stand out.

Additionally, I wanted to push the boundaries for what jewelry packaging could be, and ended upon the idea of developing a series of white leather cylindrical boxes that could also function as a working kaleidoscope. The lid connects to the mirrored center, which when opened reveals the jewelry inside. After removing the piece, the box can once again be sealed to function as a kaleidoscope.

To further expand the brand, a catalog on Pietra’s founding was created focusing on a more minimal design to allow the photography to take precedence as well as a responsive wordpress website breaking down the material in the catalog.



branding, photography, layout, packaging, web design, copyrighting